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     Viewports And Sheets

Gary Thill of Sigma Consulting Services covers one of the most powerful tools in ARRIS, Viewports and Sheets. This course covers both the basics and some advanced features.

  • The ARRIS Project: A directory that stores all of the databases which
         belong to one specific project.

  • The ARRIS Database: A project sub-directory used to store the layers for
         all, or just portions of a project.

  • The ARRIS Drawing: A collection of layers.

  • The ARRIS Sheet: A special two layer drawing which contains only paper
         space layers, may only be viewed in 2D and Graphics are limited to 1:1

  • The ARRIS Viewport: 2D rectangular window that can be placed on a
         sheet through which you can view any model space layers from any
         database in your project directory at any scale you choose.

  • Benefits of Viewports & Sheets:
         A database navigation tool
         A drawing composition and visualization tool
         Reduce error checking
         Assign multiple pen maps
         Matchline referencing

  • Viewport Menus
         Viewport Layout Menu
         Viewport Cut Menu
         Viewport Modification Menu

  • Advanced Viewport Techniques

  • Viewport Tips
         Aligning Viewports
         Adding New Layers to Sheets
         Assigning Multiple Penmaps to Viewports
         Updating Sheets After Changing The Sheet Master
         Updating Viewport Layer List On Sheets

  • Download Viewports and Sheets PDF