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     A Tale of Two Architects

Brittain & White Architects, Charlie White and Jim Bennett illustrate some of the standards and outline the processes used throughout a typical project.

Computer Setup:
Rule#1 Neatness Counts!

Data must be stored in a convenient, consistent, easy to locate place on your computer/network, and then ARRIS must be set to look for the data in that location.

  • Using the ARRIS Projects feature makes all of our data extremely
         accessible to everyone on our network.
  • Project List is maintained in our Standards directory. (categories: Active
         Projects, Completed Projects & Standards)
  • Within the project, drawings are organized by category. (Architectural,
         Structural, Mechanical/Electrical, etc.)

  • Database, Drawing & Layer Standards:
  • Databases are organized by type of data and scale.
  • Drawings are organized by which portion of the data within a database
         goes on a particular page of the drawing set.
  • Layers are organized by type of drawing, group and specific information.

  • Processes In Carrying Out a Project

    Program & Information Gathering:
  • Add project to ARRIS project directory.
  • Use eZ to gather all project information. (digital photos, sketches,
         paper scans)
  • Site data is started in ARRIS with the initial layout of site boundaries.
         This is then brought into eZ for sketching, bubble, diagrams and initial design.

  • Design Development:
  • Design sketches are done in eZ and initial plan layouts and elevation
         layouts may be done in ARRIS using single lines.
  • Floor plan database is created with layer groups, and elevation database
         is also created at the time.
  • 3D models done in ARRIS. How far the model is taken depends on the
         project and what information is to be derived from it.

  • Production Drawings (Construction Documents):
  • Construction drawings are done by expanding on the existing design
         development drawings.
  • This phase is heavily automated making in very fast.
  • At any point these drawings will be launched into eZ for internal review.

  • Pricing:
  • Bidding out subcontracts and materials.

  • Build:
  • We are also contractors so we built almost all the work we design.

  • Promotion Drawings:
  • Using Corel Draw and some of the ARRIS drawings (floorplans &
         elevations) we create sales brochures, websites, etc.

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