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     Site Design & Topographer

Mark Thompson of Implementation Inc. reviews Site and Topographer plug-ins which together make site design, documentation and modeling easy. Learn how to do cut and fill calculations by comparing existing and proposed site contours. Also learn how to do quick and easy parking layouts and get accurate parking counts without having to tediously measure your drawing.

ARRIS Site Design Components:
Consists of 5 general site functions plus a repeated item library containing numerous typical site elements.

Survey Tools:
1. Set line parameters
2. Verify labels are automatically drawn as you draw your property lines. Change Output Units to Feet and Format Decimal with desired level of rounding.
3. Select Run Input box and choose type of entity to draw. Bearing format N 52 16 23 E
4. Continue to input your property lines until you are back at the start point.

Contours Menu:
1. Contours are input by simply drawing running lines.
2. Setup is straightforward from the setup icon.

3-D Site:
1. Using the Contour Menu to input contour lines allows their use for automatic 3-D site creation.
2. The RI Elevate routine makes correct Z height placement of RIs automatic, greatly enhancing the efficiency of their use in 3-D models.

Parking & Paving Menus:
1. Parking overwrite menu allows for rapid layout and tabulation of parking lot space totals.
2. Parking spaces are drawn by entering start and end points and then selecting stall types from the menu.
3. Placement of sidewalks is similar to drawing smart walls in that you choose a side of the walkway as a justification for placement.

1. Adds the ability to import and export site survey data in addition to manual point data entry.
2. Performs cut and fill calculations.

Topographer - Small Project Case Study
Project presented by Ed Gilmore of BCAD Services.

Download Site & Topographer PDF