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     ARRIS / BuildersCAD Roofs Feature

Ed Gilmore of BCAD Services takes a brief look at the basic functions of generating a roof and discusses how to approach a complex roof with multiple sub-roof areas using the Roofs Application. In addition, he discusses the nuances of tools including roof editing tools in the Roofs Application and how they affect your work.

How to Approach a Complex Roof using the Roofs Application in ARRIS or BuildersCAD
The tools available in the Roofs Application found in BuildersCAD or ARRIS enable you enable you to generate roofs that are simple or extremely complicated. This can be a confusing process for new or experienced users.

This is an overview to the process of developing a complex roof. We will focus on the planning and process rather than the button-by-button use of the tools in the Roofs Application.

We will also look at some potential problems, and how to work around these problems, such as:
  • Looking specifically at what to do if you are unable to remake a plane after editing
  • And, how double precision, which is by default turned OFF in BuildersCAD, can affect generation of roof planes. (In ARRIS it is defaulted to ON.)

  • An Example Roof:
    a.) What to consider when you evaluate the structure: wall layout, number of levels, thickness of floor system(s), wall height, covered porches or patios
    b.) What to consider when you break the roof system into sub-roofs: wall configuration, wall height, how will the roof over a given area tie into the main roof
    c.) Outline sub-roofs: outline edge tools available, possible edits to the outline edges
    d.) Assign markers to determine roof slope and overhang: What the marker does, Assignment methods
    e.) Generate the 3D roof planes for all or specific sub-roofs:
    f.) Edit all sub-roof planes into a single roof plane system: Trim and extend planes, Redefine a plane by adding or deleting plane edges, remake roof planes

    View Complex Roof Plan
    View Complex Roof Elevation
    View Complex Roof Model

    Potential Problems:
    When remake of a plane fails: Remake and verify each edge, Review the plane in Iso View, Use “move point” or “move area” commands to close small gaps
    The double precision issue in BuildersCAD:
    To check the current floating point setting use: !$getvar(vfltdelta) The floating point variable settings are: 0 - Off, 1 - Floating point (double precision) turned on for database points only, 2 - Floating point (double precision) turned on for db and dl points.

    Download Roof Features PDF

    Roofs Application Training Videos on CD