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     Error Messages: HELP!

Ed Gilmore of BCAD Services takes you through common error messages that you might encounter, what these errors mean, and what you should do should you encounter them.

Error Messages:
No software is perfect. You may suddenly encounter an error message that does not seem to affect your work, or you may suddenly encounter an error message that just as abruptly stops your work.

When this happens, it is possible you have found a problem in the program. It is possible the problem is created by a user’s misunderstanding on the functionality of the program. Regardless of the source, there is usually a way to work around the problem.

General Tips:
  • If you encounter an error you should first type in a lower case err <cr>.
         This will cause an Error Status pop-up menu to display.
  • If this report points to a specific file, start there.
  • Read the section on Files in the BuildersCAD or ARRIS Encyclopedia.
  • Consider the role of your Operating System.
  • Try to isolate the problem.
  • Try renaming your user/home folder and restart ARRIS and BuildersCAD.
  • Subscribe and read postings on the ARRIS listserver or the BuildersCAD

  • Error Messages You May Have Encountered:
    Discover work-arounds for the following error messages.
  • “array elt used before set”
  • “load read-only?”
  • “bad display list format”
  • “bad majic number”
  • “bad position”
  • “bad len lenpre”

  • Download Error Messages PDF