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     My New “Bumwad”

A study of the Brittain & White methodology by managing partner, architect, contractor, real estate developer, Charlie White. He explains how Brittain & White saves millions of dollars annually by improving their productivity as a business. In addition, he explains in detail how easy it is to implement these same methodologies into any organization.

The Secret to Brittain & White’s Success:

We have replaced “bumwad” or “yellow trash” with electronic sketching.

     FACT: This process is worth millions of dollars to my business.
     FACT: This new process is very simple to adopt.
     FACT: Like the design process, it is a very fluid way to work.

This process is about Information:

     Gathering Information - Fact finding and research
     Organizing Information - Assemble and store project files
     Sketching on Information - Redline and Markup
     Communicating Information - Recall, presentations and interactive

My Office:

  • My Office is also the conference room.
  • It is designed for interactive communication.
  • The communication is both physical and online.

  • Essential Tools:

  • eZmeeting- Sketching & Collaboration Software
  • WACOM Cintiq - Interactive Pen Display
  • WACOM Intuos - Pen Tablet
  • Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 - Digital Camera
  • Visioneer 9020USB - Scanner

  • Putting these Tools to Work: Dr. Long Family Hunting Camp

  • eZmeeting #1 - A physical meeting with Dr. Long
  • eZmeeting #2 - A physical meeting with Dr. & Mrs. Long
  • eZmeeting #3 - A physical meeting with Dr. & Mrs. Long
  • eZmeeting #4 - A physical meeting with Dr. & Mrs. Long with an online
    meeting with their son David in Miami and their son Paul
    in New Orleans
  • eZmeeting #5 - A physical meeting with Dr. & Mrs. Long

  • Easy-to-Learn Techniques

  • Scanning
  • Snapshots
  • ARRIS to eZ
  • Reordering Information
  • Markup Tools