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     BIM Case Study

Ed Glimore of BCAD Services discusses BIM, detailing the processes used and the results that were gained in his case study. This class focuses on to what degree BuildersCAD fits the definition of a BIM tool. Also he looks at how these capabilities were put to use in a residential project.

What is BIM?
The concept of Building Information Modeling has actually been around for more than 20 years, though it has seen renewed interest in the last several. It seems reasonable that any discussion should begin with a definition of the term — but the industry at-large still does not agree on how to define BIM.

Is BuildersCAD a BIM tool?
Depending on the definition, in many respects BuildersCAD has BIM capability – and has been offering this for more than 15 years.

BuildersCAD BIM Capabilities Applied in a Project:
Project Name: Tom & BB Webb Project
Project Description: Disassemble old farm house and reassemble in a new location. In the process of reassembling the farm house they wanted to remove the original roof and rebuild it with a steeper pitch, so that the area that previously served as an “attic” would be able to accommodate a second floor master suite, including: a sitting area, bedroom, bathroom and office.

Using information gathered on two site visits and many “on-line” meetings, we developed a model of what the completed house would look like. We also used the BuildersCAD model in conjunction with the home site modeled in Topographer to help the Webbs decided whether they wanted their home reconstructed on a crawl space, partial basement or full basement. (see 3D Model fly-around movie created for the Webbs)

Using BuildersCAD, we were able to deliver a detailed framing takeoff along with a roof framing plan before we finished the other construction drawings. This was timely information to the Webbs’ contractor, which we made available via our FTP site. This helped the contractor develop a complete budget for the Webbs while BCAD Services completed the constructed drawings.

View Elevation
View Floor Plan
View Extracted Roof Framing Plan
View Model

Download BIM Case Study PDF