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     ARRIS Power User Tips

Gary Thill of Sigma Consulting Services explores the “hidden” features of ARRIS and covers tips, tricks and “secret” shortcuts which enable you to be more productive.

  • Starting A New Project From Windows Using a Prototype Project

  • Useful Environment Variables in arris.ini file

  • Using the Accounting Feature: ARRIS can keep track of such as time
         spent on a project.

  • Masking Trick Using Solid Fill Crosshatching: After drawing hundreds of
         pickets for a deck railing, have you ever been frustrated with the amount of
         time it takes to remove the hidden lines behind each picket so they appear
         solid rather than see-thru?

  • Converting DWG Files to Repeated Items: Undocumented mnemonic
         command named dwg2ri which will allow you to convert files in a specific
         directory to ARRIS Repeated Items.

  • Copy to Clipboard

  • Multi-Line Trim/Extend Feature

  • Using Up & Down Arrow Command History

  • Another Use for the Zflat Command: Did you know you can use the zflat
         command to generate foreshortened elements in you exterior elevations?

  • Turning Off Custom Lines In Smart Walls

  • Push and Pop

  • Using the ARRIS Calculator

  • Accessing Favorite RI Libraries via the Toolbar Menu

  • Using the Offset Line Tool

  • Using Negative Scale Factors to Mirror X and Mirror Y Rotation

  • Automatically Create Repeated Items From DWG Files

  • Setting View Orientation To Match Work Angle

  • Match Entity Menu Time-Savers

  • Alias Commands: 15 predefined one and two-letter alias shortcut

  • Sample ARRIS File Structure

  • Paragraph Text Editing Commands

  • Smart Wall Cleanup

  • Mnemonic Command Summary

  • Download Power User Tips PDF