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     Training ARRIS in Your Office

Gary Thill of Sigma Consulting Services covers the very important topic of Training New ARRIS users. This course also covers how to set-up and maintain an in-office training program.

ARRIS Overview:
ARRIS is a high performance design and production tool created exclusively for architects and building design professionals.
  • ARRIS Menu Interface
  • Mouse and Menu Dynamics
  • View Control

  • Overview of Exercise 1: Open a sample database and practice view control commands. Become proficient with zoom and redraw functions. Introduce the practice of using the zoom commands that are assigned to cursor drag functions.
  • Basic Concepts: Command Types, Command Levels, Importance of
         Reading the Prompt Line, Match Entity & Query Functions
  • Layer Overview: Review of Layer Menu, Key Concepts

  • Overview of Exercise 2: Open a sample database and practice adding new layers, placing entities on different layers, manipulating search, edit and display modes, etc. until a general level of comfort is achieved. Also, open a typical office drawing and become familiar with layer naming and numbering conventions.
  • Coordinate Input
  • Crosshair Input
  • Review ARRIS Function Keys
  • Review Control Functions
  • Lines: how are they defined

  • Exercise 3: Editing

    Exercise 4: Circles

    Exercise 5: Patterns

    Exercise 6: Text, Labels & Markers

    Exercise 7: Dimensions

    Exercise 8: Repeated Items - Creating, placing & editing

    Exercise 9: Copying, Plotting & Import/Export

    ARRIS Project Organization & Terminology:
  • Project Directories
  • Project/Working Directory
  • Standards Directory
  • Database
  • Drawing
  • Sheet
  • Layer
  • Viewport

  • Download Complete Training PDF

    Download General Training Suggestions

    Download ARRIS Mouse Button Functions

    Download ARRIS Knowledge Survey