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     ARRIS Case Study:

Lake / Flato Architects, Robert Trinidad and Jonathan Smith explain their unique process for designing and creating buildings. Learn how the firm continues to evolve and grow using SketchUp, ARRIS, Photoshop, and eZ to produce their designs.

Download Lake | Flato Presentation (pps)

  • Founded in 1984 by David Lake and Ted Flato - Office located in
         San Antonio, TX
  • First used CAD in 1990 - ARRIS 5.8 in Xenix
  • Grown to 55 employees - 43 ARRIS seats
  • Various project types including Civic, Commercial, Institutional &

  • Configuration:
  • Windows 2003 Servers / Windows XP-2000 Clients
  • ARRIS 8.3 Primary CAD System / AutoCAD for checking exports
  • SketchUp Network License
  • Adobe CS2 Suite - Graphic Presentations
  • eZmeeting - Conferencing
  • MS SharePoint - Project- Wide Organization

  • Schematic Design:
  • Hand Drawing
  • Physical models
  • SketchUp models
  • Adobe Suite for graphic layout

  • Design Development:
  • SketchUp models
  • ARRIS/Automated TXT Scripts for Database Creation
  • Adobe Suite for graphic layout

  • Construction Documents:
  • ARRIS / Custom LT Command to Load Layers Temporarily
  • Expert Translator
  • SharePoint

  • Construction Administration:
  • eZmeeting
  • Expert Translator
  • SharePoint

  • Training:
  • 1-Week in-house ARRIS training - New Employee
  • Monthly training sessions on various software

  • See featured project